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One of the key aspects of moving is packing and sorting the items.

When you are ready to relocate a wise approach is first to prepare a list of things within the house or office, are they glass, wood, paper or fragile in nature.

Then get the packing tools e.g. boxes, ropes, tool box, mark pen among others

After gathering the packing resources, systematically go room-by-room packing the items in bags, cartons until the work is completed.

Without proper packing moving the house or office becomes difficult. By organizing items and clearly marking them makes it easier to carry, load and transport the households to your new house or office.

To ensure a successful move, do the following:

  • Collect cheap or free packing and moving boxes, have a selection of sizes and ensure the packing boxes fit what needs to be moved
  •  Buy bubble wrap-this keeps your items protected during the move.
  • Rent / buy a trolley/dolly-Carrying boxes between places becomes tiresome and can cause breakages. This might also make transportation from house to the truck simpler. *
  • Pack similar items together.
  • Label each box by room and by its contents.
  •  Pack a box of essentials such as screwdrivers, hammers, snacks, drinks, toothbrushes, a change of clothes, paper plates, plastic utensils and cups, a kit, medications, etc.
  • Avoid filling boxes to the brim-prevents boxes from becoming heavy and reduces the likelihood that they break or are dropped during transit.
  • Secure electronics-For TVs and computers secure the screens employing a blanket and unscrew rock bottom (if the device has one). Tape the screws and base to the rear of the TV.
  • Pack furniture-and load them before packing other items.
  • Keep electronic components organized and paired as per the function.
  • Wrap artwork and mirrors in blankets or bubble wrap carefully.
  • Remove bulbs and lampshades from lamps-Store in boxes, and cushion carefully. Wrap rock bottom of the lamp in bubble wrap if its fragile-
  • Pack your books, CDs, and DVDs in separate boxes-Don’t make boxes too heavy or they will break.
  • Pack casual clothing-Fold them and place them in moving boxes. For formal wear, consider buying wardrobe boxes that allow you to remain the clothing on hangers during transport.
  • Pack mattresses-Put them in bed bags which can keep the mattress shielded from the weather during the move.
  • Keep all bedding and pillows clean-Put them in trash bags to remain out dust and place them in labeled moving boxes.
  • Pack your home office-For crucial files, keep them during a secure or locked file box.
  • Pack toiletries together-Make sure to have quick access to them for your new home. The rest room will likely be the first room you unpack.
  • Organize towels-Pack towels, toilet paper, soap, and more in one box for each bathroom your new home has.
  • Pack furniture cushions-Put them in boxes or trash bags.
  •  Eliminate hazardous materials-Get any paint, fertilizer, or weed killer, these are hazardous to maneuver.
  • Pack tools-Put them during a toolbox.
  • For items kind of a saw or hammer, wrap them in towels then pack them in boxes.
  •  Drain the items requiring gas- For your grill or mower; drain the gas before transporting the item.
  • Remove the gas tank from the grill (if applicable) and switch it in before moving.
  • Deflate pool toys-This will make it easier to pack them in boxes.
  • Take your bike with you: Use a motorbike rack on your car or SUV for safe transport.

It’s always straining and dear to maneuver houses or offices but with right plan and organization the strain of moving is totally reduced.

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